Buying Guide for Second Hand Bowls

You’ve decided to venture into bowling, but the excitement leaves you wondering how you’ll purchase your first bowling ball. What if you’re starting a bowling club? There are various things you need to consider when buying bowls. For instance, your budget contributes to the type of bowls you’ll be buying.

Nonetheless, some factors shouldn’t worry you if you’re buying the bowl for the first time, for example, the brand. Instead, find second hand indoor bowls for sale and pick the best.

Things to Consider When Buying Bowls

1. Weight of the ball

Suppose you buy a bowl weighing 8 pounds. You’ll be harming your arms trying to impress others, and it will be short-lived once you start experiencing aches. If you’re beginning to play bowl, start with a lighter bowl then proceed to more massive bowls.

Starting with a more substantial bowl will fatigue you by the time you roll the ball the third time. You certainly will not enjoy the game. Ideally, visit sites with second hand indoor bowls for sale such as Bush Hill Bowls and take a look at different bowls. If you find you’re comfortable with a bowl weighing four pounds, buy a bowl of 2 pounds to allow improvement. You should be able to grip a ball without it slipping off your hands. So, if you realize the ball is sliding, consider a smaller size.

2. The type of ball

There is a vast range of bowling balls whereby some are ideal for beginners, and others are best for experienced players. Therefore, ask professionals dealing with bowls to help you identify the best bowl before acquiring one. But, you can start with a polyester ball if you’re bowl beginner and proceed to other more prominent ball types.

3. Selecting an ideal grip

There are different types of lawn grips. For instance, some people use a glove to grip their bowl while others use a towel to wipe off vapor on the bowl before rolling it.

How To Play Lawn Bowl

Bowling starts with rolling a lighter bowl called jack. Consequently, if you are playing in pair, each of you should roll their bowl. Ideally, every player should have several bowls instead of running back and forth to get and move the bowl again.

Suppose you have six bowls each. After rolling all the six bowls, you should measure the distance between each bowl and the jack. The bowls that are closest to the jack define the person who wins. So, if you have four bowls close to the jack and your competitor has three, you are considered the winner.


It’s important to note the difference between a lawn bowl and other types of bowling. First, you don’t have to drill through the lawn bowl. As long as you can hold the bowl’s weight without dropping it, you are ready for the game. Moreover, you can customize your lawn bowl by branding it or applying other unique writing on it. Choosing a lawn bowl is challenging, but if you follow the above tips, you’re good to own a bowl.