Best Walnut Creek Cosmetic Surgeon

So you’re looking for a cosmetic surgeon in the Walnut Creek area. This article covers the best Walnut Creek cosmetic surgeon who has the most positive and outstanding reviews in the area.

Dr. Kirman’s practice is unparalleled in the Walnut Creek area, and he has numerous skills and attributes which he can assist you with. His most prominent study and expertise is for that of breast reconstructions. Many women need this surgery after tragic events in their lives (such as cancer, vehicle accidents, burns, and more).

The great thing about Dr Kirman – Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, however, is that he is not limited to breast reconstruction. He has an entire list of things that he can do on his website to showcase his abilities, and further help you with whatever your cosmetic surgery needs are.

Dr. Kirman Reviews

Christian Kirman is one of the highest rated M.D.’s out there because he actually cares about his patients. Numerous reviews state how well he listens and how he can empathize with his patients’ needs. This is crucially important because many plastic surgeons just look at it from a monetary perspective. He and his staff show utmost courtesy and are great to work with in terms of flexibility and scheduling.

Dr. Kirman explains conditions and treatments, as well as gives post operation procedures to his patience, and has aftercare programs associated with it. He schedules periodic follow-ups to make sure that his patients are well taken care of during all moments of surgery.

Is He Certified?

Dr. Christian Kirman is one of the best Walnut Creek cosmetic surgeons also because he unlike some others in the area is certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgeons.           He is listed on sites such as Angie’s List, and he has been certified since 2013. He received his degrees in North Carolina, and he went to Wisconsin to complete his fellowship. He moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. Unlike most plastic surgeons however who utilize much of their client base from advertising, and other means of marketing, Dr. Kirman has worked hard and shown positive result and built his reputation entirely on the word of mouth from his patients themselves.

Being a board certified cosmetic surgeon with the ABPS is a huge deal, and is not an easy achievement. There are only a handful of certified plastic surgeons in the United States alone when compared to the amount of plastic surgeons there actually are.


Some insurances don’t cover cosmetic surgery, and many plastic surgeons don’t accept just any insurance provider (especially those provided by state healthcare plans for the poor). Dr. Kirman doesn’t believe that insurance should hold people back from getting a surgery they may need, and he accepts all of them. From numerous Aetna options, to Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurances, he accepts even the basic insurances of the groups. He also accepts the Health Net of California state-provided insurance. And he tries to make sure that you can save with your insurance as much as possible.