Best Swiss Brands You Need To Know (And 5 You Don’t Need To)

5 Best Swiss Brands

Without even having a second thought Switzerland can be viewed as a land of mountains and lakes but it has got a lot more to offer as well. As far as an import is concerned Switzerland is famous for its watches or chocolates (switch knives have been traditionally well known). For your kind information, Switzerland is famous for its brands too (not all of them of course) but you need to know some top brands of Switzerland and if you see them anywhere around the world you can go blindfold for them.

Victorinox “knife”

This brand has been the name of quality for decades and rightly so. There is not a single person in the whole of Switzerland who has not used a Swiss army knife in his lifetime. Victorinox actually produces some fine quality of Swiss army knives as it does not only offer quality but it has got some great features like compactness. This brand Victorinox has been producing Swiss Army knife for the US army as well so it is very much renowned there in the US too.

Swatch “Watches”

If you want a good watch with affordable price then there is no better option than this Swatch watch. It is actually the combination of Swiss and watches. The Swatch watches are not only stylish and up to the mark but you will find them very much affordable as well, this is what makes them one of the best brands in Switzerland. As far as Switzerland is concerned chocolates and watches are very much famous after Swiss army knife and if you have really decided to buy a Swiss watch then you should go for this Swatch.


Who on earth might not have heard this brand or used it? Of course, all of us have been using this brand without even knowing that it is one of the Swiss brands as well. There are multiple dairy products of this brand and you will find pure quality in it. Not to exaggerate but Nestle has got so many products in its name that you would not even count or we are unable them to mention all of them here. There is Nescafe coffee or Haagen-Dazs ice-cream and the list goes on. If you are going for dairy products or milk then you should prefer this brand.


This is again one of the best brands of Switzerland “Ricola” and it is the brand of candies for your sore throat. These are the candies which can be really handy in clearing your throat when nothing else is working properly. It is all made up of natural herbals and there is nothing to worry about the side effects as it is made up of Switzerland.


Who can forget chocolates when Switzerland or Swiss brands are being discussed? If you really want to taste some good quality chocolates then you should go for this brand “Lindt”. This brand has been producing chocolates more than a century now. It has still maintained the same quality and the taste as it started its journey back in the 19th century. The good thing about this brand is that you can eat Lindt chocolates forever. This could be a great gift to anyone if you have gone on to visit Switzerland.

5 Worst Swiss Brands

Now we will talk about some of the brands which do not hold the status of being the high-quality trademark of Swiss products. You got to be very careful about these brands; chances are you will encounter these brands only when you go to visit Switzerland.


This is the brand of soda pop and this can be used for making beverages. But you need to be cautious as this is made up of milk serum. This brand is mostly present in Switzerland and it hasn’t made any progress in getting its product around the world. Reasons could be quality issues for sure.


This is another one of the brands of Switzerland which has not been globalized yet and there can be so many reasons behind this. If we track down its establishment it dates back to the early quarter of 20th century. This brand was initiated from a little store located at the heart of Switzerland Zurich and then as years passed on it turned into one of the leading brands. Still, you will find the products of this brand only in Switzerland and some part of Turkey so it is better to know this brand when you are traveling to Switzerland.


This is a very well known powdery milk drink and very much consumed in most of the parts of Switzerland. You might have heard about this brand as Ovamaltine if you are living outside Switzerland. Not too much famous outside the world but still very much significant in Switzerland as it is used for the kids.

UBS bank

Have you heard about all those mysterious Swiss bank accounts? You surely have and this is one of the banks which is thought to be expert in tax strategies which are very tricky at times. This is the bank where the wealth of politicians from third world countries are kept and governments cannot access them.

Movenpick Ice Cream (Nestle)

This is truly one of the best brands and it is regarded as one of the Nestle brands as well. Well known for producing quality ice creams but it is not yet present in most of the countries outside Switzerland. If you happen to be in Switzerland then you should go for Movenpick ice cream for sure.