The Benefits Of Dress Hire and Sharing Clothing

It’s hard to keep up with the latest fashion trends today, especially if you love to dress up. It’s a little costly as well, particularly if you’ll just wear a new piece of clothing once for a special occasion. Sometimes, it’s also tiring to wear the same clothes over and over every week, especially if you want to show off your personality through your style and outfits.

If you’re on a tight budget but love to dress up, then renting clothes is for you. Renting is gaining popularity nowadays since it’s a great way to wear what you want and become fashionable without breaking the bank. Online dress hires like The Volte can be one of your dress rental options, where you can get your rented dresses delivered straight to you.

Here are some of the benefits of renting clothes:

1. Get to try different brands

In rental shops, different brands of clothing are available. There are dress hires that also offer luxury brands that might be new to you. If you love wearing designer clothes but you’re on a tight budget, buying high-end clothes could cost you more. Renting can be a good option rather than buying and owning designer clothes, especially if you will just use them once.

2. Save a lot of money

If you will just wear a dress once or twice for a special occasion, it’s not worth it to buy expensive, tailor-made gowns. If you rent clothes instead of buying them, you will save a lot of money.

3. Free up space in your closet

Having a lot of clothes to wear can be self-fulfilling, but the more clothes you buy, the more it piles up in your closet, which can become cluttered in the long run. Clothes that you’ve used only once or rarely, such as gowns, can be bulky, eating up a lot of closet space. When you rent clothes, you will save up more closet space since you will have to return the rented clothes back to the store. This is an important factor, especially if your closet space is limited.

4. Save more time

You can save more time when you rent clothes, especially if you will rent them online. It will be more convenient than going to a physical store, which can consume a lot of your time and effort when you’re searching for the perfect yet affordable dress. All you have to do is find the perfect online marketplace, browse and find the best fit for you, check the item out, and wait until it is delivered to your doorstep.

Today, renting clothes or dress hires isn’t just the trend. The sharing economy industry is getting bigger and bigger, and there are more things that you can rent or hire as time goes by. Online marketplaces such as Blys, which is a wellness platform, and Camplify, wherein you can rent out your RVs or caravans if you’re not using them, are just two of the top 25 sharing economy sites that are available today.

5. Try different styles

You can mix and match a few pieces of clothing, since renting can give you more variety when it comes to trends and styles. Whether you want to be classy or edgy, renting will offer you a lot of different selections. You will have a wide range of clothing options, and you will have a chance to try new styles that you haven’t before. It will help you go out of your comfort zone, encouraging you to become more confident and more stylish.

6. You won’t repeat the same clothes again

For most people, it’s a little embarrassing to wear the same clothes over and over again on different occasions. That is why renting can be of great help to this problem. Since you will have to return the clothes you have rented, you will be sure that you will wear them just once without anyone noticing that you don’t actually own them.

7. Eco-friendly

A massive volume of textiles is being produced and used for clothing, a big part of which end up being wasted or thrown away. When you rent clothes, the amount of disposed textiles will decrease, which helps in saving the environment.


Today, businesses are finding more convenient ways to deliver the best services to their customers, and that holds true for the fashion industry as well. Indeed, renting clothes is a big advantage if you’re want to be fashionable while also saving time and money. Make sure that you’ll always be updated on the latest fashion and style trends so you won’t get left out.