Avoid these mistakes when you hire an essay writer

In order to get the essays done quickly, most of the customers end up pressurizing the essay writers to develop content in haste. When the writers are under tremendous stress like this, producing even a word becomes extremely difficult. This is when the writer loses complete focus and starts producing meaningless essays even when you hire the custom essay writing service.

In order to avoid such errors, there are few things that every customer should follow from their end responsibly when they work with the custom essay writing service. We have come up with the few points in this article that is going to help you in knowing the mistakes that you must avoid when you are planning to get an essay done through an essay writer.

Do not include a lot of instructions

Having the set of guidelines is definitely going to help a writer to come up with a meaningful essay. At the same time, some of the clients practice sending a lengthy file only with instructions when they start working with custom essay writing service. This kind of file can confuse the writers, and they may lose focus on developing the actual content.

Do not keep calling the writers

Do not keep calling the writers

This is yet another serious mistake that has to be avoided by the client’s side. When a piece of work gets delayed from the essay writer, it can mean a lot of things. They could be spending a lot of time on research on the given topic, or there could also be some inevitable situations.

In both cases, it’s quite natural for a customer to get panicky. But, thinking rationally and considering the perspective of the writer becomes important. Hence, it is good to wait for a couple of days, even before you start calling them. Also, having a conversation on the telephone can be avoided. Follow-ups through messages or emails are more professional, and this is also going to put the writers at ease.

Avoid making changes in between

As a client, it is your responsibility to include all the guidelines and the instructions right at the beginning of signing up a contract with the essay writers. Sending emails to them with changes to be incorporated when the essay is already being developed is again going to cause a lot of trouble.

This might make the writer frustrated, and this will also result in heavy charges for you. When such things are done, the writers might simply end up giving you essays that are either developed badly or even quit working with you.

Do not overload the writer

Do not overload the writer

Of course, it is important to get the essay is done on time. That does not mean that you start overloading the writer with too many topics at a time. When you are doing this, you’re only adding more confusion to the writing process. Giving an ample amount of time to the writer is going to help you to get the desired outcome as per your expectations.

Never compare one writer with the other

Writing is definitely not an easy task, and it is impossible to achieve perfection in every piece of write up. Every writer has a different style of writing, and as a client, you must never make a mistake of comparing the styles of two writers.

If one piece of write-up contains in-depth information and the other does not, you must always try to approach the writer with positive criticism. Comparing them with the already developed essays from someone else might lead to irreparable damages. When you give them feedback genuinely, it will encourage the writer to produce high-quality essays.

Delayed payments

Delayed payments

As a client, it is your responsibility to keep track of all the essays that you are getting done from the writers through custom essay writing service.Even before you sign the contract agreement having a conversation regarding the payment is important.

Adding all these details related to the payment in the contract are also one of the ways to maintain transparency. This ensures security from your end to the writers, and they would work pretty well.

The date that you mention on the contract agreement for the payment must be followed without fail. The writer would be spending a lot of time and effort to come up with an essay, and delay in payment is only going to demotivate them. This is going to result in poor quality essays.


We hope that the information mentioned in the article is definitely going to come handy to you when you are planning to get your essays done by an essay writer. When these mistakes are avoided, it becomes easy for you to get the task done easily. Getting the essays as per your expectations can be easily achieved with these guidelines in place.