Amazing Benefits of Positive Self-Talk

When you hear the word “self-talk,” what usually comes to mind?

For some people, hearing somebody talking to themself means that that person might be losing it. Some would even dismiss self-talking as a sign of low self-esteem and introversion; because you’re too shy to talk to other people, you talk to yourself instead.

Talking to yourself is perfectly normal. It’s like verbalizing your thought process, and emphasizing to yourself what needs to be done. Some people even recite inspirational quotes for self-esteem if they need a little boost.

Then again, just like any thoughts, negative self-talk can wear you down and make you feel bad about yourself. On the other hand, if you cultivate and practice positive self-talk, you can find yourself happier, more motivated, and ready to take on anything.

If you’re still not convinced about the normalcy and power of positive self-talk, here are some of its amazing benefits.

Positive self-talk creates positive outcomes.

The law of attraction reveals that people have a genie in their own hands. Whatever they think, whatever comes out of their mouths, and whatever they do, the universe will conspire and give them what they want.

If you always say negative things to yourself, the universe will hand all these negative things to you. For example, you always tell yourself that you’re not lovable and that you are not worthy of finding true love.

Because this is your constant script, no matter how ideal your relationship is, you will end up sabotaging your chance to be loved. The universe is helping make your worst nightmare into reality.

However, if you fill your self-talks with positive things, you will also start seeing positive things happen to your life. So, instead of saying you’re not worthy of being loved, claim that you are fit and that you are enough.

You will be surprised by how quickly things and events will turn around. Who knows, your soulmate or your knight in shining armor is just waiting for you to change your negative outlook towards life.

Positive self-talk can make you see yourself in a better light.

As the computer science “garbage in, garbage out” concept goes, if you continue to fill yourself with garbage, you will also only release garbage. If you fill your self-talk with negative thoughts and beliefs, you will only see yourself precisely like it.

However, if you say that you’re loving, committed, worthy, honest, faithful, and so on, you will also start to see yourself in a positive and more compassionate light. Also, if you always recite inspirational quotes for self esteem, you will find yourself having higher self-esteem.

Positive self-talk can help you forgive yourself from your past mistakes.

If you’re unable to forgive yourself from your past mistakes, chances are, you cannot see yourself in a better light. So, instead of dwelling on things and circumstances, you cannot change, do better moving forward.

If you catch yourself saying you’re worthless or you’re a failure, stop. You have to be more compassionate about yourself. Accept the past and be kind enough to forgive yourself. This is the only way you can get past your emotional downtime and soar to greater heights.

Tell yourself you’re forgiven. Talk to yourself and tell that little person inside you that he can stand up and fight again. Tell him that he is loved and that he’s wanted. Soon enough, you can find yourself achieving higher and better things — things that are beyond your imagination.

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