All About Transdermal Vitamin Patches

A transdermal patch can be described as a medicated patch that is placed on your skin to deliver a particular dose of medication into the bloodstream through the skin. This patch is often placed over the injured area of the body to allow the medication to reach that area faster than traditional pills. Vitamin patches are very popular these days. They are loaded with vitamins and make sure that these vitamins reach your bloodstream faster than traditional pills.

In fact, vitamin patches are considered to be a better delivery system for vitamins by medical professionals all over the world. The patches have a special time-release formula that allows the dosage of the medication or the vitamins to be released gradually over time. When the patch is placed on the skin, it gets activated by your body heat. This, in turn, activates the formula, thereby allowing the transition of the mediation to begin. The medication or supplements reach your bloodstream through the skin. This delivery system is known as the Transdermal Delivery system as the medication or nutrients are absorbed through the pores on your skin.

Vitamin Patches Vs. Vitamin Pills

When you swallow a vitamin pill, it passes through your liver before it ultimately lands in your gastrointestinal tract. It then has to withstand intestinal acids before the pills can actually do their job. Unfortunately, during this journey, the pill gets degraded and only about 2% of the original dose actually survives. Additionally, the pills can stay for almost four hours in your stomach before the digestion process actually begins.

Vitamin patches work differently than vitamin capsules and pills. The patches are directly applied to your skin. The vitamins are then slowly released by a special formula. This allows the vitamins to enter your bloodstream through the pores on your skin. The vitamins pass through the different skin layers before it finally reaches the bloodstream. The bloodstream then takes the vitamins to different parts of your body.

This process is ultimately faster than regular vitamin pills or capsules. Additionally, a lower dosage is required compared to a vitamin pill since the entire dosage manages to make its way to the bloodstream rather than get assimilated by the body. According to the experts at Patch MD, a lower dose patch works much more efficiently than a traditional pill or capsule. It is no wonder they are becoming very popular all over the world.

Different Layers Of A Vitamin Patch

The vitamin patch consists of vitamin supplements in the form of a special time-release formula. This formula allows the nutrients to be released gradually into your skin. The patch is made up of different layers, including:

  • Liner:  The liner is responsible for protecting the vitamin patch from getting damaged in storage.
  • Formula:  The special time-release formula is an important part of the patch. Most of the patches use formulas that have less than five ingredients, making it the best option for your body.
  • Adhesive:  The adhesive ensures that the patch remains on your skin until it is time to take it off. Some of the patches last from a few hours to seven days. The adhesive is skin-friendly as well.
  • Membrane:  The membrane is a thin layer and it is in charge of ensuring that the supplement is released gradually in multilayer patches.
  • Backing:  The backing is responsible for protecting the vitamin patches from the external environment. This prevents the patch from getting damaged while in use.

Advantages Of Transdermal Patches

Transdermal patches offer plenty of different benefits. Let’s take a closer look at some of them:

No Side-Effects

Pills consist of many non-active ingredients to keep the pill in one piece until it reaches your gastrointestinal tract. These non-active ingredients can cause various side effects and negative reactions, making it unsafe for your body. The formula used in transdermal patches comprises of five or fewer ingredients, reducing the number of side effects you put your body at risk.

Easier Administration

Many people find it extremely difficult to swallow capsules or pills. This makes them delay taking the required medication, thereby delaying treatment as well. Patches can come in handy in such situations. These patches can be applied directly onto the skin with no difficulty. These patches have been making the lives of people easier all around the world.

No More Forgetting Medication

Patches have made it a lot easier for people who tend to take their mediation on time. These patches can be applied and then removed when their dosage is over. There are patches that are designed from twenty-four hours to seven days. These patches are extremely useful for people who are suffering from illnesses like Alzheimer’s, dementia and so on.

Lower Dosage

A lower dosage is sufficient while using transdermal patches. This is because the entire dosage gets absorbed through the skin and finally reaches the bloodstream. Traditional pills have to pass through the liver and also withstand the digestive fluids, making it essential to take a larger dosage than is actually required.

Only Active Ingredients

Since patches do not require additional binding ingredients, only the active ingredients need to be included in the formula in the transdermal patch. In traditional pills, over 70% of the pill is made up of non-active ingredients. This can be avoided by using a transdermal patch. According to recent studies, a higher number of ingredients in a pill increase the chances of allergic reactions. Since patches do not require non-active ingredients, they are deemed to be a lot safer to use.

Acts Faster

Patches have been observed to work faster than traditional pills and capsules as they reach the bloodstream a lot faster.

With patches offering so many benefits, it is not surprising to see people preferring patches over traditional pills and capsules. Medical professionals have also deemed patches to be safer for your liver as well. They are a lot easier to use for people who suffer anxiety about taking pills. These patches come in handy and also release the medication faster.