A Guide on Faith-Based Financial Planning

Investing has been an ancient practice and continues to be the reason for flourishment. Lately, many financial advisors have turned to faith-based financial planning. While the Bible speaks negatively of the love of money, it is true that wealth, rightly considered, can be used for God’s glory. A Christian should invest wisely to accumulate wealth to provide for their family, help others, enjoy God’s world, and better His kingdom. So, one’s investments ought to reflect their values. One can take inspiration from Bible verses about saving money and changing lives. There is much to learn, from saving money to investing, giving, debt, taxes, etc. The planning involves implementing biblical principles while making decisions.

Bible Verses and Financial Planning

Multiple verses manifest a deep meaning and honor God. The idea is to make financial decisions based on Christian beliefs and help others. Proverbs 13:11 says wealth that has been gained hastily through immoral methods will dwindle. But wealth that is accumulated slowly in an honest manner will increase day by day. A financial advisor will guide a person on how to invest rightly and contribute to God’s glory.

Another verse, Luke 16:10, says that a person faithful to whatever he has will be given plenty. On the contrary, he who runs after too much and through illegal means will have little in the long run.

Proverbs 12:27 says that a diligent man will get precious wealth, while the slothful will only share disappointment.

Understanding Faith-Based Investing

Faith-based Investment is an investment philosophy. It aims to maximize the investor’s returns but in a way that aligns with their religious values. Individuals interested in this philosophy ought to look to connect with financial advisors who align with their beliefs. The strategy is also known as value-based investing.

BRI, or Biblical Responsible Investing, is driven by faith. It is an approach in which Christians make financial decisions based on Christian values. It can be referred to as the modern-day scripture application to investments. This perspective is not relatively new and has been around for a long time.

Many people do not give a thought to what they are investing in. It can be toward services that sell addictive items, alcohol, gambling, etc. The investments benefit companies that cater to non-biblical practices. However, many investors are now waking up and promoting ethical and impactful investing. They take inspiration from bible verses about saving money and investments to make wise choices for a more significant cause.

Avoid These Things in Faith-Based Investments

  • Lifestyles that are anti-christian, like abortion and pornography, should be avoided.
  • Anything that involves addictive behaviors like tobacco, alcohol, and gambling.
  • Things that cater to abusive practices toward God’s creations.
  • Terrorism and political oppressions are some other issues that are screened in BRI funds.

Planning Finance with a Biblical Perspective

Biblical investments refer to investing in companies that embrace the beliefs and practices mentioned in the Bible. These firms will filter the funds and help in making impactful decisions. It is the way investors worship God in their work. Recent studies have proved that appropriately screened funds have performed better than unscreened funds. As an investor, it is vital to understand where the money is being invested and its impact on others.

Final Words

The Bible says to invest to further God’s work, take care of the family, and be free. There are various advisories providing education about investing Biblically. Biblically responsible strategies share a value-based perspective. A good steward wants to glorify God in everything he does. The advisors will screen every investment or plan and share the positive and negative qualities. So, look for advisors who will help meet your financial goals biblically. It is a great way to promote lives and positively impact the community. Saving and investing in ways influencing society to do better is a good thing. So, get in touch with an advisor and start with Biblical responsible investing.