8 Amazing Games at Singapore Casino That You Must Try

Gambling occasionally is a favorite past time for many (including us). However, the win is not guaranteed all the time. But the fun begins when the number game is out and enjoyment is the main motive. Here is a list of the 10 most fun to play games at Singapore casino that you may want to play next time you visit a casino.

1. Bingo

Bingo is a gambling game which is played a lot in casinos and players try to match the numbers which are selected at random and the player needs to mark them on the card which is given to them. The card which is provided to you is in the form of a 5×5 matrix and each of the columns represents the letters of the word bingo. The square in the middle is considered as a free square and the first person who is capable of marking a specific pattern is the one who wins. When someone claims that he has won then first the numbers is verified and then if the numbers are correct then he is announced as the winner otherwise he is considered as bogus and is not allowed to play further.

2. Baccarat

This game constitutes of three options namely player, tie, and banker. Once all the bets are placed by each player the dealer deals in two cards and the one becomes the banker hand while the other becomes the playing hand. Then a sum is done on the hands and if they exceed over 10 then the tenth figure is dropper for example if the sum results in 16 then it will be considered as 6. If it results in a 0 then it is considered as baccarat. The winner is chosen on the basis of one who gets the highest value among the other two.

3. The wheel of fortune

This game constitutes of a giant wheel and a player has to place a bet among the six symbols that are depicted on a table and then the wheel is spun. The wheel consists of 52 sections that all are separated with the help of pins available on the edge of the wheel. When the wheel completes its spin then the pointer of the wheel will lie between two pins. If the player has made his bet on the symbol on the wheel at which the pointer is pointing then the player wins the money otherwise he loses.

4. Keno

This one is a kind of a lottery game in which the player is allotted with a number on a card that ranges between 1 and 80. Then the player needs to decide a wager and needs to pick at most 20 numbers. Then the registration process of the card is carried out and after that the game starts. There is a caller who does the job of calling 20 numbers at random and then the player is required to match as many numbers as he can as per the numbers that are announced. If the number of matches are high then then the winning is also high but if the matching numbers are low then the winning is also lower as per the wager that the player putted.

5. Roulette

In this game, there is a table which is there are several places in which a player has to put his wages and he is free to place it anywhere he wants. The places in the tables consist of the numbers ranging between 0 and 36 and it also consists of 00. It has several additional betting features such as the ability to bet for even and odd, low and high, black and white, and a lot of other types of bets as well. A player is free to place his bets in maximum 5 different numbers. After the bets are placed the dealer will be spinning the wheel and a ball will jump in the opposite direction of the spinning direction of the wheel. When the spinning will stop, the ball will land on a number. The player who has placed his bet on that number will be able to win the game.

6. Slots

Slots are a kind of gambling machines that can let you play a number of games. They are highly popular among the casinos and are played by almost all the gambler and non-gamblers. The process is to first enter a coin in the machine and start the game by triggering a lever or by pressing a button. Then the wheel on the machine will begin spinning. Then at the place where the wheel is stopped, the player gets paid on the basis of the pattern that is appeared on the screen.

7. Black jack

Blackjack is a game of cards which is played in between the player and the house. The dealer first contracts two cards to the entire player and to himself as well. The dealer owns two cards one which is faced up and the other faced down. The player needs to go as close as he can to the 21 without the need of going over. The player then calls a hit to obtain a card and then he stand to wait for the end of his turn. Then the player is free to call a double if he wishes to make the bet doubled. After all the players have played their turns, the dealer will show his pair of cards. Everyone with a hand that is capable of beating that of the dealer wins the round.

8. Craps

It is a dice game which is based on seven players. The players are required to place the bets all around the table and then the people with the position of 7 and 11 win while the players on the 2, 3, and 12 lose the game.


So these were the top games at Singapore casino that you can play and get immense joy from. Make sure that the next time you visit a casino you try either of these games for sure. That’s all we have for today.