7 Strange Facts About Polarized Lenses

Sure you know that you should protect your eyes with polarized sunglasses. Those Ray Ban shades will prevent cataracts while helping you see better. But there are a few strange things that you might not know about polarized sunglasses that might just surprise you.

Reduce Headaches

Do you suffer from headaches and fatigue? Believe it or not that trendy polarized sunglasses aviator style can actually reduce tiredness and headaches. Why? If you wear polarized sunglasses for longer stretches of time, you avoid glare. Constant glare causes eye strain and headaches, while also potentially damaging your eyes by causing cataracts.

Don’t Crash!

How many car accidents are caused by the glaring sun? Truthfully, no one knows. However, wearing polarized sunglasses has been shows to reduce accidents caused by snow blindness and sun glare. In fact, polarized lenses are ideal for anyone engaged in outdoor activities like boaters, outdoor runners, and fishermen. Improve safety with the right pair of lenses.

UV Lenses vs. Polarized Lenses

Many people mistake dark UV protection shades with higher end polarized sunglasses. Don’t confuse high quality sunglasses for cheaper shades. Darker lenses and minimal UV protection does not protect your eyes as well as polarized glasses. In fact, dark shades that do not have UV protection cause more damage. Why? They cause pupils to dilate, letting in more harmful rays. Bottom line? Stick to polarized sunglasses to have the highest level of eye protection outside. There’s a reason those fishing polarized sunglasses are among the most popular eyewear.

How Do Polarized Glasses Work?

When light is reflected, there are extra light waves. These light waves reach your eyes, causing potential damage. However, the process of polarization causes the light waves to scatter. What does this mean? You have a clearer, crisper view of the world in a brighter array of contrasting colors. In fact, you might feel like you have superpowers with Superman-like vision. That’s not necessarily the case, but you will enjoy a much more expansive and rich view of the world around you.

Choose Your Shape

Polarized glasses come in a wide variety of styles and shapes to fit anyone’s taste. From popular aviators to square frames, there is a design that fits your face perfectly.Anyone, any age, can enjoy these sunglasses. Protect your vision in style.

The Polaroid Connection

Inventor Edwin Land used polarization for photography, establishing the Polaroid company. He made the polarized lenses affordable for mass consumption. In fact, the same polarization that is used in your aviators was used for the photo development process. 

1940s Aviators and WWII

When you think of polarized lenses, you are probably picturing stunning classic aviator glasses. Believe it or not, American five-star World War II General Douglas MacArthur popularized the style during the war. Donning a pair of aviators in photos, the trend caught fire and spread throughout the world.

Whether you are wearing today’s hottest sunglasses or opt for a more classic style, enjoy the benefits of polarized lenses for years to come.