7 Must Have-Things While Going For Winter Hunting

Winter is not commonly thought of as the ideal hunting season but for some, there is nothing more adventurous than winter hunting. However, winter hunting is widely regarded as the toughest hunting season there is. There are a lot of things that one needs to consider and ensure that they are prepared with the right equipment.

There are quite a few reasons why winter hunting is so popular, as well as being thought of as the most difficult season to hunt in. While it may be unbearably cold for some, some hunters feel that the benefits of winter hunting outweigh the difficulties one has to face to hunt in the cold season.

However, hunting in the winter season is not an easy task. One should be fully prepared and equipped with the appropriate equipment in order to ensure that their hunt goes according to plan and there is not risk of things such as hypothermia.


Cold weather hunting clothes is one of the most important things. For winter hunting, clothing should be divided into layers. For the top layer, clothing should include a cotton t-shirt, a fitted sweat shirt, a jumper or sweater, preferably made of wool and with a hood, a jacket and a cover which blends into the surroundings. The bottom layer includes underwear, sweat pants, jeans and snow pants or waterproof bottoms. You may also want to have a Boonie hat available to help keep the sun out of your eyes.


It is important to take proper care of your feet if you’re going to be hunting in the cold. It is recommended to have warm, wool socks as well as insulated boots to keep your feet warm. Toe warmers or full boot warmers can also be used.

Other clothing articles

These include things like scarves, gloves, facemasks, Boonie hats or another type of hat, and other things. Having two sets of gloves is also recommended. Having a balaclava or ski mask is also optional, depending on the temperatures you will be facing.


Staying hydrated is incredibly essential. The air can be very dry at low temperatures so one should have some drinking water to keep themselves hydrated with.

Weapons and ammunition

This is completely dependent on the hunter and the type of hunting they’re going for. If it is hunting with a firearm then you need to decide between a shotgun and a rifle. There’s also bow hunting.

First-aid kit

A first aid kit should be a staple in every camping or hunting trip. It is necessary to have the basic items such as wipes, ointment, bandages and medication amongst other things.

Other accessories and miscellaneous stuff

This includes things such as lighting for dark, rope, hoists, tape, insect repellent, sunscreen, toilet paper, matches and lighters amongst other things. These items are necessary when hunting and should be readily available on hand.

This list covers the most basic stuff that is required to survive a hunting trip in the cold. There are tons of other things that should also be included when preparing for a camping trip such as sleeping bags and extra fuel.