6 Things to Do before Your Child Turns 12

Your children are almost turning twelve, and you are super-excited. Over the years, you have given them the best life. You have been organizing unique themed birthday parties for them and arranging and those amazing photo booth sessions to collect those memorable photos all these years. You have shown them love and affection, and they cannot complain to have ever lacked anything. You have been the greatest pillar and provider they can have, and you don’t regret it. You are happy that your family can boast of a responsible and caring parent!

Nonetheless, you need to know that by getting 12, your kids will be nearing their teenage years, and they might start drifting away from you. The in-home themed birthday parties may not excite them as much  You might need to get some professional entertainers like the Yabadoo kids party organizers. Therefore, there are some things you need to do if you have not done them yet. They include:

Fly a kite!

Sometimes, you are tempted to think that since you have given your children everything they would wish for, you have done your best. You are wrong!  Your kids will remember you, not just for the life you gave them, but some of the weirdest things you did with them. Therefore, if you want your son to tell others that the best thing you ever did with him is fly a kite, then do it now before he turns 12 and stops doing some things that he might consider “childish.” Buy the best kites the market can offer, and fly them with him whenever you find the time. Don’t be afraid to do it, as long as you are doing it with the people you love – your children!

Bury someone in the sand

Yes, go to the beach and bury them in the sand. Don’t let anyone else do this to them before you if you can do it. When you go on holiday, don’t be too researched with them simply because you are an adult. As mentioned earlier, your kids will remember you mostly because of the weirdest things you did with them, and burying someone in the sand is weird. Do it now!

Make a mudslide

Yes, you read it right – make a mudslide!

Pour as much water as you can on a sloppy ground and start siding with them on the mad. This seems stupid, but it’s fun and your kids under 12 will doubtlessly like it! Use this time to teach your children how to interact with others, and ways to raise a happy family. Take this to the bank – this is the stupidest yet the most exciting fun activities you can engage in and make your little ones happy!

Hunt for treasures

Children love treasure hunting. Therefore, whenever you get time, maybe during the weekend or when you have a day off from work, go and perform this undertaking with them. This will not only help them have fun, but it will also teach them the value of hard work and working together as a team. This might go a long way in helping them become productive adults when they start working.

Take them on vacation

When it’s the time of the year that you need to take a vacation, don’t just take your partner with you and leave the kids with the nanny. Take them with you. Let them explore the world at a young age so that they will not have to envy those who do. Remember, when they become teenagers, they might not be interested in your vacations anymore. Therefore, take them with you when you have the chance!

Teach them some values

The things you do to your children before age 12 should not always be about play. You need to impart some values in them. Yes, train them to become responsible adults as soon as now. Teach them respect, hard work, determination, responsibility, kindness, humility, and love as soon as now. Let them know that having these values is what differentiates between a successful person and the others. Regardless of how loving you are, don’t hesitate to punish bad behavior. Mold your children before they reach 12, or be prepared to have the worst experience with them when they become teenagers.

These are some of the things you should do for your kids before they are 12. Practice them, be a good parent, and expect to raise responsible kids. Best of luck!