5 Things to Keep In Mind While Buying An Oil Painting

It is a common sight to see beautiful oil paintings as the top preferred choices of art connoisseurs for beautifying feature walls. These paintings are serene reproductions of the canvas, depicting stories with utter panache, be it the splendid works of Michelangelo or Vincent Van Gogh.

If you are avidly interested in art, it is a good time to consider a long-term investment in collecting such wonderful pieces. Although, before you buy your favorite piece, certain considerations must be kept in mind to ensure the right purchase.

Listed below are some important factors which you can refer to before taking the first leap towards purchasing an oil painting.

Select the space of the display

Do you know that the appropriate placement of the painting plays a vital role in highlighting its beauty? Hence, choosing the right space of display for the painting is an essential step before making the final purchase.

Moreover, the framing of the painting is also dependent upon the space of the display. Paintings that are minimalistic in nature may suit in broader frames as compared to those that have more elements. For instance, an artwork that is intended to be showcased on the bedroom wall will be differently composed and framed than the one that’s meant for the living room or kitchen.

Decide upon the colors and style

As independent individuals, everyone is entitled to have a different preference in terms of their choice of colors and style. For instance, if you have a minimalistic approach, you may be drawn more towards subtle pastels and solid geometric patterns which may not be too vibrant.

On the other hand, if you happen to have an extravagant liking towards multiple elements, then your choice of paintings may tend to be more colorful and eclectic. The styles and colors are also determined by the place of display. For example, simple and aesthetic paintings are often preferred for bedroom walls, whereas more regal ones adorn the walls of the living room.

Determine the size and shape of the painting

Essentially, paintings are of five major types- horizontal, square, and vertical, horizontal panoramic and vertical panoramic. Vertical paintings are meant for small spaces wherein you can utilize more of the wall without it appearing to be cluttered or disorganized. These can usually be the walls of lobbies or corridors.

However, for bigger walls such as those of the living room or the master bedroom, it is suggested to go for horizontal paintings as they appear more appealing in spacious rooms.

Research and learn

oil painting flowers

The first step towards making an intelligent purchase is to research about the different oil paintings available in the market. Given the fact that there is a vast variety of paintings by many established painters across different periods of time, it is essential to go through the choices.

Furthermore, it is also essential to read about the art movements during which these paintings were created. Each painting manifests an implicit and explicit meaning which can be justifiably understood after the rationale behind the painting. Once you have narrowed down your options, you can fruitfully decide upon your preferences.

Choose authentic magnum opuses

oil painting angels

A buyer is often split between choices between the masterpieces by Da Vinci and Murillo. Opting for oil paintings that imitate the art by famous painters representing the diverse schools of thoughts during the various art movements appears to be a safe bet, especially for first-timers.

Classic paintings such as the Mona Lisa have a perennial and unparalleled charm. However, if you wish to get a bit experimental, you can explore more independent and original artists whose paintings are creatively edgy. They will be excellent additions in your unique and personalized set of collectibles.

That’s not all! This not only helps in promoting unconventional artists but also increases your personal spectrum of artistic knowledge and intellect. Another important factor to be kept in mind is the authenticity of the reproduced paintings, especially if they are being purchased from an online portal. It is essential to verify the credibility of the website, before making the final decision.

The Final Step: Making the purchase

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Over the years, paintings have become a prevalent type of room décor. However, it is paramount to give detailed thought to the idea of purchasing any artwork. It may come across an excruciatingly time-consuming process, but it is advisable to adhere to the above mentioned criteria before making the first buy which is just one click away.