5 Legit Online Freelance Writing Jobs You Can Start Today

Are you a writing nerd? One of the best things about writing is that you don’t need to study writing, journalism or communication to be skillful. You can always make a decent living from taking online writing jobs, as long as you have dedication and passion to deliver. 

While there are myriads of ways to make money online, freelance writing stands to be one of the best ways. This is because of its flexible nature and the potential to pay well. 

The good news is that the online writing industry is continuously growing. This can be attributed to an increasing need for content by the ever growing number if websites. 

Due to this, more legit freelance websites are continuously looking for freelance writers who can meet the demand for the websites. 

Read along to find out top 5 legit freelance writing websites that you can always get online jobs, like  custom dissertation writing.


When it comes to online writing, Up work is the mother of all other writing website. 

Basically, this website is a job board designed to bridge the gap between freelance writers and different clients in need of content. 

You can choose from a variety of jobs available, depending on your skill set. Perhaps the best thing about Up work is that you are able to do different writing jobs from article writing to academic writing among many others. 

2.People Per Hour

Just like Upwork, People Per Hour is an online freelancing platform that integrates both writers and clients in one place. 

However, this platforms operates by outsourcing different writingbtasks to freelancers. 

Once you sign up to the site, you will be able to get access to a number if orders. Simply bid on the one you are interested in, and negotiate directly with the client.


This is another legit website that primarily works closely similar to Upwork and People Per Hour. 

However, a vast majority of the tasks on offer are international. This makes them pay better compared to other websites.  

Additionally, you can find different writing tasks ranging from resume writing to professional bio writing.


If you are a new writer in need of an avenue to sharpen your skills while making some money, then Verblio is most probably the website you’ve been looking for.

The best thing about verblio is that you don’t have to bid for assignments or negotiate terms with the clients. All that has been covered for you. You only need to sign up, pick a task that you are interested in, complete the tasks, get impressive reviews and earn.

5. Writer’s Domain

Writers Domain is one of the oldest online freelancing websites on the market . This makes it a trusted website by both clients and freelance writers alike. 

Since it launched in 2011, writers domain has helped to connect thousands of freelance writers with prospective clients from all over the world. 

Due to this, you can always find thousands if jobs on the website each and every day. So this makes it ideal for a freelance writer in need of consistent work all through the year.