5 Effective Ways to Retain Your Youth

No matter how confident we grew up feeling that we will not allow age to bring us down, with due time, you start realizing that it’s a painful feeling to work with, accepting signs of aging on your face.

However, there are many things you can do to keep yourself from aging at a normal rate. You will age, but the wrinkles and the skin of your face is very manageable with some work from your end.

It is kind of like working out and taking supplements to build endurance and strength. Your skin is constantly under a lot of stress because of the many expressions we make and the external damage from UV rays and pollution. Below are the top 5 practices that will help you retain your youth, or at least rejuvenate your skin.


Yoga comes with its fair share of anti-aging benefits. It will help you limber up, increase your body’s flexibility like that of a young adult’s, release hormones that have anti-aging properties in the brain, and more than that, it helps you clear your head up and relax through deep stretching.


Meditation can increase your telomerase production, which, when shortened, can accelerate the overall aging process.

So increased telomerase equals increased age retention.

According to this research, your brain releases certain hormones that help reduce the aging effect on the face. The same hormones are responsible for kids playing as well. Just be sure to get in 15 minutes of meditation, and you are good to go.

Get Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy is regarded as the new anti-aging gimmick that actually works. And it’s gaining fame at a rapid pace, mainly because it works. People also use light therapy for psoriasis, which means it has positive effects on your skin.

So the science behind red light therapy’s anti-aging property comes from the energy your skin’s cells receive. There are many different lights for different applications, but red light’s 660-810 nm wavelength enables it to reduce fine line, crow’s feet, and wrinkles by generating more skin protein like collagen and elastic and by stimulating dermis cells.

Gift Your Skin with Everything It Needs

There are so many things your skin needs, and there are so many harmful externalities that affect your skin. First and foremost, get a generously sized dab of sunscreen and lather it all over your face before getting out of the house.

Use anti-aging eye creams, day creams, and night creams. Get moisturized on the daily. And shower every day.

Take your vitamins and calcium supplements, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. I find vegans to possess healthy looking fresh skin for their dietary lifestyle. After all, veggies and fruits are rich with antioxidants, and we all know that’s important for luscious skin. And don’t forget collagen boosting food and supplements.

Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. And last but not least, exercise. Working out is directly correlated to retaining the health of your skin, increases lifespan, and keeps your waistline age-friendly.

Cut Out The Toxins

When I say toxins, I mean everything, when you are eating your masala chicken from your favorite Indian place, or smoking cigarettes to kill stress, drinking alcohol to forget your age, and even subjecting yourself to sleep deprivation.

The habits as mentioned above (if you have any) need to be put to an end. Not only will it rapidly accelerate the aging process, but it leads to high levels of stress.

Take-Home Message

So these are some of the hacks you can implement in your everyday life without much hassle or extra money. So do these, avoid the things I asked you to avoid.

Get a lot of workout done. It’s scientifically proven to have a rejuvenating effect on you, and finally, just chill! Because worrying will bring in more stress and cortisol, which would be counterproductive for you.