5 Board Games that Kids Will Love

Board games gained popularity worldwide since they give inexpensive ways for people to get together and enjoy the same activity. In this article, let’s discuss 5 board games that kids will love.

5 Board Games that Kids Will Love

1. Hoot Owl Hoot

This has been included in the most popular games included in the Peaceable Kingdom Games.

The mechanics of the game is that the group members need to cooperate to make the owls get back to the nest before sunrise. During their turn, they have to play a sun if they are handling one and make the sun rise further. Or else, they can choose one of their color cards to play. The color allows the player to move an owl nearer to the next.

There are up to 6 numbers of owls that make the game either easier or harder. The game can be considered as a mind game, and it entails the use of strategy and encourages cooperation within the group.

Kids with ages 4 years and up can play this game. It will not only bring entertainment but will also help develop the analytical, problem-solving, and social skills of children.

2. Scrabble

Released in 29 languages and sold 150 million sets internationally, Scrabble has been considered as a classic since the game can be easily learned and played by anyone even children!

This word game uses the standard dictionary and the format of a crossword puzzle and tiles of individual letters. The players need to draw 7 letters, and they have to form words using the letters they have drawn. Letter tiles have designated numbers that will be tallied at the end of the game to determine the winner.

The length of the words does not always necessarily equate to higher points since letters which are harder to use (e.g. x,z, and q) have relatively high points compared to common ones. There are also marks on the board depending on the position of the words that can multiply the player’s overall points.

The game can also encourage kids to utilize the words they have stored in their vocabulary bank and to help them learn about new words introduced by other players.

3. Air Hockey Tables

If you want to incorporate minimal physical efforts that can be enjoyed by your kids and their friends while they are indoors, you can try to purchase air hockey tables.

Dating back to 1970, this game was developed to help recreate the practice of hockey on a field.This is not only a fun activity for kids.It’s also an activity that can help improve their social skills and help them handle competition.

4. Monopoly

Since 1903, this family game has been a thing with various contemporary versions that can be enjoyed by the old and young generation during their leisure time. This is a multiplayer game, inclusive of a board, two card stacks, set pieces, and a bank of cash or the so-called “Monopoly Money.”

The game progresses by the throwing of dice, and it can last for hours. After some time of gameplay, the board will be a maze-like of rent. The players can then pay or collect these as well as cards with good or bad fortunes. Players can land behind bars and after a thorough board rotation, $200 will be collected.

The ownership of properties can be expanded into the iconic red hotels and green houses. However, players should also monitor the renovation costs since once they are due, they can backfire as well. Also, as one advances clockwise through the board, the property values rise, finishing with Boardwalk. Luck is also a factor to victory in this game.

Although it sounds a bit complicated, children will also have a good time playing this one as it involves basic arithmetic and risk management skills. It can also help establish a financial management skill and develop negotiation skills during children’s early years.

5. Jenga

In chess, one wrong move can lead to one’s defeat, but in Jenga, one wrong move committed and everything tumbles down. This game has a very simple and catchy mechanic and can be enjoyed by two or more players. The players need to set the rectangular blocks in alternating positions.

Once the game starts, the player is required to choose one rectangular block and place it at the top of the stacked blocks. As the game progresses and the block tower becomes higher, it becomes arduous for the players.

The hand-eye coordination, along with the strategic sense of structure, will be tested in this game. The simplicity and the challenging factor of the game make it a perfect fit for kids.


Whether your kids invited their friends over to your house or you are just looking for a board game that you can enjoy with your little ones, the list of the top 5 board games kids will love that we have provided can surely end the day with everyone having a ball.