4 Styles of Jeep Fender Flares

Jeep Wranglers are awesome. They have an amazing, rugged style and the off-road capabilities to back it up. Plus, there are tons of accessories and parts to help you make your ideal build. For example, you may want to install some Jeep fender flares to accommodate wider wheels and get you ready for the trail. If you are shopping for flares, you may notice there are many styles. Below is some information on four of the most popular.

1. OEM-Lookalike

The fender flares from the factory are made from ABS plastic. They provide good coverage for the stock wheels and tires. If you have simply damaged your stock flares, you can replace them with OEM parts.

Alternatively, there are a number of aftermarket suppliers that produce OEM-lookalikes. These suppliers also sometimes make wider flares that are based on the style of the stock parts. So, you can use them to accommodate wider wheels without having the sacrifice the from-factory look of the vehicle.

2. Flat Flares

Another great option is the flat style. These flares are among the most popular for off-road Jeep builds. So, if you are grabbing a Jeep winch and wider wheels, flat flares may also be on your shopping list.

These flares protrude from the vehicle at a 90-degree angle (or close to it). They tend to offer the most clearance for off-road tires. Additionally, they are frequently made with a flexible thermoplastic that helps them to bend if needed on the trail. Installation is typically fairly easy with no drilling required (thanks to the stock flares). If you are serious about off-roading, consider this tyle.

3. Pocket Style

Pocket flares are similar in style to the stock flares. They have a more angled and bulky style to them. This helps them to catch more dirt and debris compared to flat flares. However, they do not offer as much extra clearance for aftermarket wheels.

Many pocket flares are designed to have exposed bolts. This gives them a cool, bold look that helps to set them apart from the OEM flares and other aftermarket options. Like flat flares, they are often made from flexible thermoplastic.

4. Tube Flares

The above options are all made from plastic. This is typically good for the trail because flexibility helps to mitigate damage from impacts. However, there is another option. Tube flares are made from steel or aluminum and feature a tube-based frame with a sheet of metal over the top. These are the strongest option but offer no flexibility.

Typically, they look a lot like flat flares. However, there are some other styles with tube construction available. This is another good option if you want to off-road a lot. Keep in mind that they may get scratched or dented by rocks.

Find Your Perfect Flares Today

Jeeps offer so much flexibility. From flares to wheels to trail jacks, you can find a huge number of modifications and parts. You can even find aftermarket soft tops for Jeep Wrangler trucks. In other words, it is time to get started on your ultimate Jeep build.