4 Health benefits from playing golf

Active outdoor activities are not only fun but healthy as it helps exercise excess fat and calories as well as prevent hypertension. It is said that most people overlook the health benefits associated with playing golf as it does not involve intense physical activity. Algarve Golf Holidays experts have taken their time to do extensive research and discussed four good benefits associated with playing golf.

Burning Calories

Walking along has been proved to burn lots of calories. In golf, you have to walk your way around 18 holes which aid in burning more than a thousand calories. This is equivalent to half the calorie intake on average recommended for adults. Other activities that will assist in calorie burning include carrying the golf bag on your own, stroking the balls or playing for longer hours. Calories reduction has lots of benefits in the body which include enhancement of metabolism as well as reducing the risk of diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, and overweight.

Stress Reduction

Golf is played slowly without pressure and is considered as a leisure activity by most golfers. It allows you to relax and forget about work, studies or whatever that is giving you a hard time. Mentally, you are able to release tension as well as reduce anxiety as you have to concentrate on each shot separately.

Golf clubs are usually on nice grounds that give you the chance to enjoy nature which relaxes your brain naturally and brings about contentment. The urban or work environment generates chaos in your mind and fear while the outdoor space will soothe your body, mind, and soul.

Enhances flexibility and balance

flexibility in golf is brought about by the golf swing which is complex to form the right posture as well as time precisely. The benefits of doing the golf swing, though challenging to get it right, will enhance shoulders, knees, hips and ankles flexibility. This will help you perform other physical tasks with ease in the absence of pain and in turn improve your performance physically.

Achieving the recommended posture after swinging as well as weight shifting from right to left leg and vice versa helps in achieving balance. This will not only assist in improving your pose but also uniformly distribute your body weight

Blood flow Stimulation

Any physical activity golf included improves the circulation of blood through the body organs and back to the heart. Blood carries the white blood cells responsible for healing, food, oxygen another element to body tissues among other elements to help in destroying and removing waste and dangerous constituents from the body. Good blood flow helps in reducing hypertension risks as well as other chronic diseases.

Besides the above major golfing benefits, there many more which include brain support and good sleep. Golf also helps in improving the coordination of the hand and eye, especially while swinging and striking the ball. Almost your daily tasks like eating, driving or typing will require proper hand-eye coordination. Since golf is played outside, one gets exposure to sunlight which aids in vitamin D generation responsible for preventing some cancer illnesses, depression and healthy diseases as well as strengthens bones.

Generally, golf is a great game that requires less strain to help you not only keep healthy but also improve your physique. All you have to do is avoid getting hurt or getting unnecessary exposure to the sun. also, avoid overdoing it as too much of anything is poisonous. Let’s play golf safely as we keep fit.