3 Reasons Why Students Move Heaven and Earth to be Admitted in UCLA

There are many universities in the United States and the University of California, Los Angeles is one of the most respected among them. More popularly known as UCLA, the public research university has been among the first choices of graduating high school students.

Many graduates clamor to get into the university, pass the grueling UCLA exams for admission, and proudly stand tall as one of its exceptional graduates. Aside from the fact that it is a top-rated school, there are a host of reasons why thousands of students vie for UCLA, such as the chance to get noticed and be called a UCLA student.

A Place to Secure Your Post-graduate Future

It can’t be denied that graduates from UCLA are given the utmost respect and preference. Seldom will you find a UCLA-graduate not doing well for him or herself. There are tons of opportunities, and one of them is being preferred by employers.

Discriminating as it may sound, but seeing the ‘UCLA’ name in an applicant’s resume, sparks interest amongst employers. This only shows that the real world finds UCLA graduates fully equipped in tackling high work and business demands.

As professionals, a UCLA alumnus certainly has a better edge over others. Do note that you have to pass the UCLA admission exams to reach this level. Don’t worry because there are many sites giving students a comprehensive guide to help them pass the exams.

Find an Awesome Learning Environment

With sprawling greens, warm weather, and smiling faces, learning at UCLA has always been enjoyable. However, because of the university’s high standards, their students are responsible for their education. Instilled by the long-standing culture of the university, its expectations are something students are required to keep up with.

Ranked 9th place by Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings in 2018, the university boasts a competitive yet endearing environment. This setup makes students appreciate learning, at the same time, cultivate an excellent relationship with their peers.

Great UCLA learning facilities like the Griffith Observatory and the Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden are also among the places that make the university the perfect location of learning.

The University is a Hollywood Movie Destination

There are students whose primary purpose in studying at a prestigious university is to grab the most number of academic recognition. However, this does not deter students from feeling the glitz and glamour of cinematic Hollywood.

UCLA has been among the universities featured in movies, including Reese Witherspoon’s ‘Legally Blonde.’ They shot student scenes at UCLA, and the campus did a fantastic job of presenting itself in terms of culture. If you’re a fan of teen horror flicks, then the featured University in the movie ‘Scream 2’ would be very familiar. Though totally unrelated to UCLA admission, these are the perks of qualifying the entrance exams.

These are just some of the reasons why high school graduates try so hard to pass UCLA. But more than anything, the degree of education, the level of acknowledgment amongst professionals, and the bright future of UCLA make an incomparable university offering an affordable degree yet quality education.