10 Nature Hacks Sure to Impress Your Friends

You can be a nerd in your school or you may have a knack for attracting the best girls in the class, but if you suck at changing car tires, you are dead meat in the eyes of your folk.

I didn’t mean that you should stop showcasing the first two talents of yours. Just make sure you are good at every art.

So, what are the most crucial life skills you must know and practice to survive with yourself and your mates?

Safety, mannerism, finances, and fun make a few of them.

Let’s see how you benefit from the 10 nature hacks which plushfluffy.com listed out here.

1. Mark your route

Mark your route

Imagine this: you are on your hiking trip and want to explore the area further. But you are new to the place and don’t know your way back home.

What would you do? Ignore the temptation to hike farther. Or take the risk of losing the route.

Fortunately, there is a third choice. Take the risk but mark the route. Leave your signs with a signature pattern of sticks of stones.

2. Instant Stitches

Instant Stitches

This hack, again, is to manage picnic trips. You can use it in any outing or journey where first aid is not accessible.

Keep super glue with you!

When they claim super glue, they mean it. It can staple any seam and crack including those in your skin!

If you cut your skin on a trip, you must clean it thoroughly with clean water. Then, you should apply the glue to the opening and press it closed tightly.

It may throb for a few moments but that’s okay. You are alright.

3. Use heavy duty garbage bag

Use heavy duty garbage bag

Another trick that will keep you out of frustration during a long trip, this hack will keep your stuff safe from moisture and rain.

Backpacks should be waterproof. But if you got one that allows drops of rain to enter your luggage, consider adding a layer of garbage bag inside your backpack.

Enjoy dry clothes and accessories.

4. Pillow are luggage cases

Pillow are luggage cases

This will make your camping life a lot easier. It also saves housewives lots of headaches.

What do you fill in your pillows? Synthetic cotton and stuff? Switch these natural or synthetic fibers and fill your pillow with your clothes.

This multipurpose bag will significantly reduce the luggage you will carry for the trip.

5. Make a 5-point-star out of toothpicks

Make a 5-point-star out of toothpicks

These were a few outdoor tricks that could help you enjoy your trip without having to carry lots of luggage. But the following trick is purely meant to impress your friends. Master the trick before you try it in front of your mates unless you want to be their laughing stock for the rest of your life (or maybe even after your death).

Get ten toothpicks. Arrange them as a ten-pointed star or as a sunburst. Now you have to get a straw. Seal its lower end with your finger and pour some water in it. The goal is to drop a single water drop in the center of these sticks.

Once you have dropped the water, you have to wait for the water to arrange these sticks from ten-pointed star to five-pointed star.

6. Phone recharge with a router

So, your phone’s battery is dying. In no time, it will make your phone redundant and you are worried.

You need your phone for another couple of hours.

Use your charging cable. And insert it in the nearest Wi-Fi router.

Yes, this is it. You can charge your phone even with a Wi-Fi router when your charger is not with you.

7. Take a snap of business card you get from people

Take a snap of business card you get from people

This life skill comes in handy in every networking instance not just when you are hanging out with your buddies.

Whenever someone hands you a business card, take its snap. You may lose that card, but you would never lose the information presented on it.

8. Use sunglasses as a stand to place phone

Use sunglasses as a stand to place phone

Tired of holding your phone or erecting it on pillows when you are watching movies?

Try your sunglasses as a readymade phone holder.

9. Give a bright colored label to your luggage

Give a bright colored label to your luggage

Keep your luggage safe with this cool trick.

Get your luggage at the airport in no time and watch your friends searching for theirs for hours.

10. Coffee on the go

Coffee on the go

Coffee-lovers! I hear you!

It sucks to pay loads of money to get your coffee on a trip. But you have a solution. Make coffee-bags just like tea bags with the coffee filter, dental floss, and ground coffee.

Life’s easy!