10 Celebrities Workout Inspire to Many Hearts

1. Aaron Taylor Johnson Workout

Popular action star Aaron Taylor Johnson (formerly known as Aaron Perry Johnson) is not only famous because of his leading roles in the films like “Kick-ass”, and “Avengers” but he has got popularity for his tough Aaron Taylor Johnson workout plan.

He has followed his very personal training program just before the making of film Kick-ass and its sequel Kick-ass 2. His latest appearance in the fantasy film “Godzilla” (Aaron plays the role of army man) and for such characters, he had to go through his intense workout plan and it started before the actual making of the film.

Special Jumps: Just stand like you normally do but wait you have to make sure dumbbells in your both hands, so this makes the jumping little challenging but in order to look like an action hero Aaron Taylor needed to spend some time like this. Who knows maybe even Benjamin Sisko in Deep Space 9 did this work out! 

Chair Push-Ups: This looks interesting; you got to have three chairs (two for your both hands and one chair for fixing your legs on top of it) and then start doing the normal push-ups but this all arrangement will strengthen the chest muscles.

Walk With Some Weight: walking has always been regarded as a healthy exercise, but Aaron’s walking must be different from the normal one. This walking needs some weight (dumbbells or any sort of weighty thing) in your hands and then it’s time to move just go for a random walk but this will surely help in building the shoulders.

The Crossover: It’s like stretching exercise helpful for the wings and strong back and with the weight on the pulling strings (starting from the low weight). The number of steps depends on the person.

Bench-Dumbbell Combination: for this one you need a bench, lying over a bench with suitable dumbbells and then start stretching your hands upward, make them flat like an arrow this may come handy for the good definition of the shoulders.

Chin-Ups: Nothing special really in this exercise just a fundamental bar needed and you have to grab that bar and pull yourself up so that your chest could come in contact with the bar, this particular exercise strengthens the grip.

Healthy Diet Plan: The essence of the whole training lies on the diet; if you are not getting enough calories then training goes to the bin. Aaron Taylor Johnson workout himself gives credit to his best nutrition plan and one must consult with the physician before going to any sort of tough training.

2. Chris Evans Workout

For playing the role of fictional Captain America who could be the better choice other than the “Chris Evans”, he turned himself into that character completely but for that Chris had to go through the tough training program a.k.a Chris Evans Workout.

The film was released back in 2011 and earned positive response again courtesy to superhero Chris Evans. His workout plan is a bit different compared to other action heroes due to the fact that Chris does not believe in over muscular type of body rather he prefers the flexibility and the super fitness (which of course he achieved).

It is the story of a soldier who is passionate to serve his country, but he is rejected on a physical basis, he goes again and this time passes the test and this is where the actual story of captain America unfolds.

#1 Before and After the Training: Chris Evans weighted almost 77 kg’s before working on his Captain America’s training program but he gained 5 kg’s all credits to his physicians.

#2 Keep the Heart Beating: That was the different approach adopted by the trainer of Chris Evans. He did all sort of training which made his heart beat a bit faster and the trainer said it was helpful for his fitness.

#3 Chin Ups With Weight: To get started it was the basic exercise Chris went through, chin ups but the addition of weight made this different from the normal chin-ups and it helped him build muscles.

#4 Squatting: There are lots of squatting techniques and Chris did this like other superheroes. The purpose of squatting is, of course, to help and build the muscles of legs and lower back.

#5 Deadlift: You would definitely need a barbell to do this, (the weight could be selected on the advice of your trainer) grab the barbell with both of your hands and lift it to your thighs (like you are standing with hands opened). This helps to build your central and back muscles.

#6 For the Upper Part: This exercise is commonly known as Incline bench presses where you are half-lying on a bench, holding the barbell over your chest and slowly push that and straighten your hands. Bench incline press builds the muscles of the upper body and gives the muscular shape to it.

#7 Nutrition Plan for Captain America: Without the healthy nutrition plan all hard work goes to begin and fortunately Chris had very fine physicians to help him out with nutrition plan which was developed according to his body weight and height. It included heavy breakfast with lots of snacks before and after the training, of course, dry fruits are also necessary.

kettlebell Workout

3. Chris Hemsworth Workout

The leading character of the 2004 Australian TV series “Home and Away”, Chris Hemsworth has probably been the busiest Australian actor in Hollywood. His appearance in blockbuster films “Avengers” and “Star Trek” has made him the viable choice for the directors.

Chris was selected for the leading role in the film “Thor: The Dark World” and he signed the script but that was not an easy task because Chris had to follow the tough training program in order to gain a muscular body. Here are some training steps which he followed during his training for the film Thor.

#1 Hammering Like a Labour: That’s Chris special to look like “Thor” he carried the hammer on his hand and hit it on the tire and it works really. You need a tire and a hammer (weight of the hammer depends on you) then you need to make sure that you grab the hammer with both of your hands, bang on the target that will help build the back to shoulder muscles.

#2 Pause Jumping: It’s quite different from the normal jumping you will have to stand to bend your knees a little with both of your hands on your backside and then jump towards either left or right, landing on a single foot and continue doing this back and forth.

#3 Pushups: The type of pushups through which Chris underwent was not an easy exercise, you need dumbbells on both of your hands and start doing the normal pushups but as soon as you straighten up your knees you have to move/rotate either hand towards your back and repeat the process for the other hand as well. This is helpful for shoulders, neck and back muscles.

#4 Sprint Action: of course you don’t need to sprint like an Olympic sprinter but you just have to imitate him when sprinter sits down both of his hands down, knees bent and on his toes. The little modification is that you just need to switch your legs quickly in your initial pause and that’s really helpful for lower back and legs.

#5 Squatting: Chris did the normal squatting for building up of his legs and the weight used for the barbells was set by his physicians, one may consult his trainer for choosing appropriate weights.

#6 Cable Crunch: for building up his legs and abs Chris also did cable crunch exercise and for a beginner, it won’t be an easy task at all but it was included in Chris Hemsworth workout plan.

#7 Proper Nutrition and Diet: All of the training and workout plans does not yield any result unless you get proper diet according to your body because any diet plan that can be good for someone does not mean it will also be working for you as well, before taking the start you must have a diet plan on your hand.

4. Dwayne Johnson Workout

An American real-time hero Dwayne Johnson famously known as “The Rock” is not only an actor but a professional wrestler and a role model for many action heroes truly ago to personality for getting a muscular body (he gives instructions too).

Rock’s workout for the film “Hercules” still makes him the first choice for the directors all over the world. His training program is of a different kind and he knows how to spend some valuable time in the gym (a man with a brain). Johnson’s favorite part of his own body is his legs and he gives special time (a full day) to his legs training, here is a highlight of Rock’s vast training program.

Seated Dumbbell: Just two dumbbells with suitable weight and of course a chair that all he needed then sit on the chair with straight backbone and get your hands over your head (Repeat as your physician says).

#1 Barbell With Front Exercise:

This exercise was included in Rock’s workout plan, you just need to stand up like normally you do and grab the barbell with both of your hands and start raising the barbell up till your hands make the angle of 90 degrees with your body, this particular exercise really helps in building shoulders and back muscles.

#2 Lateral Raise:

This must have been Rock’s favorite one, you again need a pair of dumbbells and gotta stand straight like you did with the previous exercise but now this time you have to raise your hands by your sides to the height where your body makes the “T” letter of English alphabet (it helps your wings and wrists).

#3 Standing Up With a Barbell:

You need to stand with your legs bit closer to each other and get your hands (palms touching the rod of the barbell) on it and raise the barbell as much as you can and don’t forget to breathe, the number of repetitions depends on the person.

#4 Dumbbell Bench Press:

In this exercise you have to lie down (looking upward) getting you both hands on dumbbells, then you have to lift the dumbbells (one by one) over your head; one important thing is not to bend your elbow. This is a usual exercise for chest.

#5 Machines to Use:

For a person like Rock, it’s nearly impossible not to do the extraordinary training and he uses lots of machines for building his shoulders and back just like “Seated military press machine” and “Seated Row machine”. It varies from person to person to use such machines and without an instructor, it is advised not to try these things.

5. Jason Statham Workout

An English action hero (the right word for him used is “Antihero”) has got fame from his role in Crime films. He has also starred in thriller film series of The Expendables not to mention his appearance in Fast and Furious 7. Let’s look into his workout plan how he actually turns out to be so muscular and yet flexible.

1. Martial Art Expert:

He believes in such type of training which he could go anywhere without having special arrangements and one of them is his favorite punching against the wall exercise as Statham has expertise in martial arts.

2. Barbell with Upper Hand:

It’s like standing normally with your palms hitting the barbell; raise it to your overhead and repeat the whole process for 15 or 20 times.

3. Pushups:

That’s not the kind of normal pushups because you need barbell on both of your hands, make yourself positioned in a pushup manner and start doing it (do not forget to put the shoulder distance between your legs).

4. Heavy Walk:

You must have seen this in the competition of “world’s strongest man”. You just need to walk, but there should be weights on both of your hands that will surely build your shoulders.

5. Statham’s Pull-Ups:

For normal pull-ups, one just needs a single bar and you start hitting your chin against that bar but Statham does it a bit differently he prefers many bars at a time and switches in between them courtesy to his athletic type of body.

6. Crawling:

Of course, you don’t need to just simply crawl there should be a weight attached to your back with a rope, a number of repetitions depending on your physician’s advice.

7. Pull Downs:

The grip of your hands is crucial in this exercise and Statham does this with a close grip and he pulls down the machine up to his chest height and then repeats the whole process.

8. Squats With Cross Grip:

That’s an interesting one you have to get your hands crossing each other to the bar and start lifting it up, serious caution is required in this particular exercise.

6. Bruce Lee Workout

This American born Korean origin martial artist “Bruce Lee” introduced a new way to treat the body; he gave so many different dimensions to the physical fitness that one could easily be his student even after he has died long ago because he has left behind so many things. Perhaps he was the best action hero available at that time let’s see what made her so invincible and good looking.

1. Squats:

Very basic exercise for anyone who wants to strengthen thighs, lower back muscles; simple squatting Bruce Lee used to do but a number of repetitions were many.

2. French Press (sitting version):

Just have a seat and a barbell bent your elbows and hold the barbell with this bending position; start pushing the barbell from your back of the head to over your head this particular exercise builds upper arm muscles.

3. Incline Curl:

You will be lying on a 45 degrees tilt bench having dumbbells in your hands; now you have to raise the dumbbells one by one and make it look bit curly.

4. Playing with a Dumbbell:

It is generally called “Concentration Curl”, you just need to sit (with your legs bit wide open) and grab a dumbbell in one hand and raise it from the floor towards your chest (keeping your free hand on your thigh); it builds the muscles of the upper arm.

5. Dumbbell Circle:

Bruce Lee really loved this one; keeping the hands-on dumbbells (wrists bent inward) and start revolving around your body making a circle like shape (thighs to head).

6. Reverse Curl:

That’s a bit difficult one, your stance should be shoulder wide now grab the barbell and start moving it towards your face but do not forget one thing; you don’t have to move a bit press your arms against your body and don’t let your body move.

7. Pushups:

Bruce Lee was able to do pushups with 2 fingers but of course, that was something extraordinary. He would also do normal Pushups with his shoulders close.

7. Chuck Norris Workout

He has probably been the most discussed personality in terms of his workout; he is none other than “Chuck Norris”. He is not only able to do his exercises on machines but does equally well without these heavy machines and simply without even going to the gym. Here are some facts about the exercise of this legendary action hero.

1. The simplest of all “Walking” is one of his favorite exercises and he goes for walking almost every day as he says walking stirs the motivation in you.

2. Chuck Norris is a Karate champion and this could be the reason he loves “Pull over” exercise; he does this very fast courtesy to his karate abilities.

3. Chuck Does seated row exercise for making his back and shoulders stronger but of course, the number of repetitions is many for Chuck Norris.

4. Push-ups are one of the exercises which keeps your body in a good shape and Chuck knows this thing as he also does single-handed push-ups.

5. This one is a bit difficult for the beginners; running with a suitable weight attached with a rope on your back, the weight may vary person to person Chuck does it with heavy weight.

6. He plays with dumbbells (this is the appropriate phrase for Chuck Norris), does all sorts of dumbbells exercise including the famous head over exercise.

7. Chuck loves to do sitting barbell exercise and he does it for making his upper part of the body stronger.

8. The legs workout is so much vital and he uses all kinds of machines to make it possible and he gives training lessons on this subject as well.

9. Above all, with all the exercises the nutrition plan is crucial for any workout and Chuck pays greater attention to this aspect and he himself has now become the expert on this matter (no need for any assistance).

8. Scott Adkins Workout Secrets

An English action hero “Scott Adkins” (famously known for his performances in “Undisputed” film series) born in England on 17th of June 1976, he has starred in the second film of Expendables series. At the age of 10 alongside with his elder brother and father Scott got into the local martial arts club and since then he has been a black belt in many disciplines of martial arts not to mention his idol was “Bruce Lee”. Let’s see what he does for his fitness, and unveil Scott Adkins Workout techniques;

1. He is a professional martial artist so he avoids using machines in his exercise routine, Scott does flat bench press with a variable number of repetitions that gives strength to his back.

2. Chin-ups but not normal one he pulls himself up towards his right or left-hand grip, that makes it tough for many beginners so caution is needed regarding this exercise.

3. He loves this one “Rowing movement” one of the reasons being the involvement of all of the muscles in this particular exercise; again a number of repetitions may vary person to person.

4. Standing calf raise gives the extra strength to the back and shoulder muscles, the stance in this exercise is critical but again courtesy to Scott’s martial art techniques it seems to be a piece of cake for him.

5. This one is bit difficult one “Barbell lunges”; you got to have a very firm balance to do this exercise, (again it’s helpful to back and shoulder muscles) injuries are inevitable if anything goes wrong.

6. Push-ups with a close grip and you have to do it very fast to increase the impact of this sort of push-ups.

7. Front squatting exercise is included in Scott’s workout routine and he tries to do it with less time than a normal person, it gives him strong shoulders and back.

8. He is a pure martial artist and he loves to play with dumbbells as the dumbbell is one of his most favorite exercises, that gives him strong grip and better handling.

9. Tom Hardy Workout

The notorious prisoner of United States, “Bronson”… as soon as someone hears these words the name of Tom Hardy pops up in the head and he has truly been sincere with the role of “Bronson” and most of the credit goes to his hard work which he does to make his physique stronger than anyone else in the Hollywood industry.

The muscular body or Tom Hardy workout can be used as a substitute to each other (a proverb if exaggerated a bit). His appearance in a film “Dark Knight Rises” (released back in 2012) as a “bane” and Hardy justified his role again courtesy to his workout to look the same Bane which always pays off.

Tom Hardy Bane Workout

One who broke the back of Batman, Tom Hardy carried intense workout before fascinating the world with his physique. He used to work 4 days a week on his body to get himself into the extreme muscular shape. For the strength of his shoulders, Hardy did all sort of pushups (squared and diamond shape).

Then the most basic exercise chin ups but makes it special with different grip (9 to 11 inches wider grip) and for making his grip stronger he used to lift 30 to 45 pounds which also helped his shoulder muscles. Floor crunches played an important role in his whole workout plan he did as many as he was able to do (a beginner can do that in limited numbers of course).

Now the Tom Hardy’s personal favorite in which he would put his legs on the surface of the bench (but his one foot onto another one) and then did the pushups.

There are generally two types of Squats “western” and other being the Full range; Tom hardy preferred the later one he definitely loved full range squats which gave him that real strength which was needed in the character like “bane”.

Tom Hardy Warrior Workout

Hardy played the role of “Tommy Conlon” with lots of muscles and he didn’t get that muscular body overnight. He went through his tough schedule of workout and the one popular “Tom Hardy’s” exercise was similar to pushups but not exactly the pushups.

Both the hands-on floor but they should be close to each other, your legs should be widespread and pressure has to be felt on knees then start doing the pushups (Hardy reportedly adopted the same exercise for his another epic film “Bronson”).

Then there comes the seemingly difficult exercise called “The Bridge” in which you have to get your back head and the feet on the floor; gradually and slowly have to push your head outward. This gives the strength to the neck, back, and flexibility as well.

For the strength of abs he would do the basic exercise; lying on a floor both your hands on your neck (of course pressed together) and your legs attached to each other then you have to push your head forward (after some steps like this), you have to bend your knees and try to touch your elbows to your knees by pushing yourself forward that will do the job for your abs for sure.

Tom Hardy Bronson Workout

Hardy did lots of pushups (but diamond shaped this time). In diamond pushups, one has to form a “Diamond” with his fingers and thumbs and that what makes it different from the normal pushups.

Then he would do shoulder flyes in which he got the dumbbells of around 6 to 8 kg; standing with your legs wide open and dumbbells in both of your hands, now is the time to lift up your hands over your head to almost meet these dumbbells just right over your head (the difficulty can be increased by standing on one leg).

Now this one is a bit different and you need a chair as well; put your hands on the chair and slowly lift your back with all pressure on your hands (repeat the process).

For a character like “Bronson”, he modified the bridge exercise with the barbell on his hands and this is not an easy task to do but that was something different he tried for the film like “Bronson”.

10. Vin Diesel Workout

Fast and Furious star actor “Vin Diesel” has probably no other best introduction than this fast series. He has been playing “Dominic Torreto” in Fast series and of course Vin Diesel had to get muscles to act like Dominic, he underwent his own unique workout plan. You are about to read highlights of his training program.

#1 Rope Pushdown:

Vin Diesel has been really much focused on his shoulders and this particular exercise is building up for shoulder muscles. In rope push down the weight is to be selected rather cautiously (as advised by the physician).

#2 Hammer Curl:

A dumbbell is needed for this exercise and you need to hold the dumbbell while standing still and bring the dumbbell one by one to your chest, this will help to build in back and shoulder muscles.

#3 Tricep Building:

It’s like lying down on your back with your knees bent and hold the dumbbell with both hands, Vin Diesel did this exercise a lot and that is why he has strong triceps no doubt.

#4 Rope Stretching:

This is really simple you need a rope and grab it with both of your hands with some distance between them and just stretch the rope, this will help shoulder muscles.

#5 Circling Your Head:

A dumbbell that all you need, just stand normally holding the dumbbell with your both hands and rotate it around your head (complete the loop/circle).

#6 Different Steps With Dumbbell:

You have to lie down on a bench (little bit tilt) with your face down and do stretching with it; this particular exercise is just for shoulders like Vin Diesel.

#7 Wrist Working:

A wall and a nice wristband; lock down your hands with that band and place your hands on the wall move downwards while stretching the band (unique technique indeed).

#8 Back Pushes:

On your knees with a straight head while grabbing the dumbbells, make them push towards your back one by one the number of repetitions depends on the person; this one is useful for back and shoulders.

#9 Squatting:

Without squatting workout plan seems to be little empty but Vin Diesel knew about this and he did all kinds of squatting which helped him maintain his strong back.