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10 Best Monsterhigh Dolls Reviews

Monsterhigh Dolls

Best Monsterhigh Dolls Reviews

Teen girls are always fascinated by new stories and fictional characters. A girl’s childhood is never complete without toys stories and especially without dolls. They always like colors and schemes. But the thing most liked by girls of teenage group is mysterious fictional stories and characters. Now a days monster dolls are very famous among girls. They love to play the stories of movies and creating their own as well. These dolls can also be used in plays and in short video stories to explain any idea. These dolls are dressed up so fashionably that they even can also be used as fashion icons. You can use them as gift or thanksgiving to sisters and friends or fellows. Here in this article top 10 best and most trending dolls are described with a little background story of their roles and plays. You can select any one which you like most.

10 of the Best Monsterhigh Dolls

1. Monster High Frights, Camera, Action! Elissabat Doll

Best Monsterhigh Dolls ReviewsMonster High Fright brings Elissabat. It’s an enchanting doll of a star actress of silver screen. This doll comes in her most recent movie’s coffin cover and is dressed up in a modern corseted outfit. It has long black boots and her most famous pink bracelet.  It also has its signature brush and a diary. It makes cute scary may not be feasible for the children under 3 years of age. Product dimensions are 8 x 2.8 x 12.8 inches.

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2. Monster High Boo York, Boo York Gala Ghoulfriends Luna Mothews Doll

Best Monsterhigh Dolls ReviewsIt is the most beautiful and frightful doll. The dressing and hairstyles of this doll is just awesome and flawless. Her dress is of fiercest fashion. Its adventures introduce her to new beast friends carving to the big city. You can use the included doll stand and doll hairbrush to style dolls to capture a flaw some moment. It has a beautiful and unique hair crown, which makes it awesome.  Product dimensions are 10 x 2.5 x 12.8 inches.

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3. Monster High New Scaremester Gigi Grant Doll

Best Monsterhigh Dolls ReviewsThe new Gigi Grant doll has just enrolled in the new scare mester at monster high. This doll looks fashionably fierce with her black top and golden accents. The different colored sheered arms are making her more eyes catching. Her golden belt and matching golden shoes makes the dress more enchanting and unique. The mesh-up laggings are now in trend as well, and make the doll more attractive. Its other accessories include drop earrings, a matching colored block school bag. A matching folder, signature brush, doll stand and character specified diary is also included in the package. It is not allowed to give it to children under 3 years of age. Product dimensions are 8 x 2.8 x 12.8 inches.

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4. Monster High Boo York, Boo York Gala Ghoulfriends Mouscedes King Doll

Best Monsterhigh Dolls ReviewsThis doll has a beautiful golden fascinating dress with golden self-print design. Her eyes are so designed like cats and eyebrow is also shaped same way. The pink hairs not only make it beautiful but also scary. Black top looks amazing with golden skirt and blue beads on it make it something out of this world.  It also has a doll stand and a matching hair brush. Product dimensions are 10 x 2.5 x 12.8 inches.

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5. Monster High Amanita Nightshade Doll

Best Monsterhigh Dolls ReviewsIt has the most amazing package; it comes with its own modeling portfolio (with signed headshot). The famous story about this doll is that it awakes after 1300 years; its story is the most scary and fascinating. It includes amazing accessories like clawesome jewelry, a hair-raising headpiece, scary sweet bag, fingerless gloves, and creepy cool climbing heels. Product dimensions are 9 x 2.5 x 12.8 inches.

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6. Monster High Brand-Boo Students Isi Dawndancer Doll

Best Monsterhigh Dolls ReviewsThis doll has exclusive hair style, face shape and dressing style according to the scary world of monsters. Its catty shaped face, pierced cat ears, and pointed nose contributed enough to make it look scary. It has a stylish v-shaped pink colored shirt with black skinny tights. Her shoes and bag is sky blue in matching with hairs. This all combination is so unique. One must say these all qualities give the doll a killer look. This package also includes brush, passport, bag, doll stand and diary. Product dimensions are 8 x 2.5 x 12.8 inches.

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7. Monster High Freaky Fusion Recharge Chamber Frankie Stein Doll and Playset

Best Monsterhigh Dolls ReviewsThis scary doll has blue lips, making her scarier. Her name is Rally and Rally has her own chamber. Place her in the chamber and press the button for hair raising fun. Her hair rises into a shocking do! And then press the light again for a spooktacular light show for clawesome room décor.  It also includes hairbrush for frightful styling fun. Product dimensions: 17.5 x 4 x 12.8 inches.

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8. Monster High Picture Day Lagoona Blue Doll

Best Monsterhigh Dolls ReviewsLagoona Blue doll has her special blue and golden streak hairs to frighten her enemies. She wears a colorful sea-inspired shirt, with an anemone purse. It is fully articulated, you can make whatever pose of her you want. It comes along with beautiful accessories that include hairbrush, journal with stickers, purse, earrings, doll stand, notebook and bracelet. It’s hazardous for children under the age of 3 years. Product dimensions: 9 x 2.8 x 12.8 inches.

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9. Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Doll

Best Monsterhigh Dolls ReviewsClawdeen wolf doll has her special wolf-like ears and her brown hairs make her freaking scary. In the doll world, she is considered to be the coolest doll in the school. There are pointed sharp tooth painted over her red lips, giving her a frightening look. This doll is articulated this way that it can be turned into any pose you want. It includes doll pet, hairbrush, diary and doll stand. Product dimensions: 9 x 2.8 x 13 inches.

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10. Monster High Zomby Gaga Doll

Best Monsterhigh Dolls ReviewsThe last but not the least doll is most fashionable and scary at a time. It is inspired by lady gaga and named as zombie gaga. Her face paint is so scary. She wears a killer black tux with flared pants. The blowing bubble gum in her mouth adds sweetness to her frightening look. Product dimensions: 15.2x11x15.2 inches.

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The Monster high is the most famous brand of toys and especially dolls. It always brings exciting and fascinating products to the market. All things are easily available in affordable prizes. You can buy anyone you like and which suits you according to your mood. All dolls are perfectly awesome.

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